Anthropo = human being, Sophia = wisdom


“Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge which leads the spirit in the human being to the spirit in the universe”

“Anthroposophy does not want to impart knowledge, it seeks to awaken life”

Anthroposophy embraces a spiritual view of the human being and the cosmos with an emphasis on knowing (rather than faith) allowing recognition of our humanity (anthropos), which has inherent wisdom (sophia) to transform both itself and the world using the human heart, hand and mind.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) created the society in 1923 out of the central insight that the human being incorporates body, soul and spirit, which finds expression in education, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, different branches of the arts and sciences, and social structures.

A study of Anthroposophy provides the means for self-development of life in the modern world, beginning with applying our natural logical capacity for thinking to the spirit, followed by transformations into new realms of thinking, deeper feelings, and strengthening will-power.

The Nova Scotia Group is affiliated with the Anthroposophical Society in Canada and recognizes as members all registered members of the Anthroposophical Society residing in Nova Scotia as well as interested members in the Atlantic Provinces.

Study groups, meetings and seasonal gatherings are held at members’ homes and are open to Members and Friends- see FESTIVALS and EVENTS

contact us: 902-688-1857


The Annual General Meeting and Easter Festival are postponed until further notice. Stay well!


THE LIBRARY of the Nova Scotia Group is available at the home of Jane Peatfield and  Tim Brooks. They can be reached by e-mail at

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